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Approaching the Investment Event Horizon

Where is the gravitational pull on today’s economy taking us?
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  • True Diversification

Most portfolios were carefully crafted to utilize the defensive benefits of bonds.

They simply weren’t built to play in this new reality of ever-increasing correlation. Adding true diversification may help your portfolio stay in the game.
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  • Bonds

How long will investors be willing to pay for weak defense?

As they reach for yield, many investors are adding new types of fixed income to their portfolios. Unfortunately, these weaken their defense: higher yielding securities come with much higher correlation to equities.
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  • Alternatives

All true diversifiers are alternatives, but not all alternatives are true diversifiers.

We did some research to help investors identify what really belongs in their alternatives allocation. Here’s the criteria we use.
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What can true diversifiers really do for my portfolio?

They can add to portfolio diversification in 3 unique ways.

What value do true diversifiers add?

Alternatives that are true diversifiers take a different type of risk, which may increase your portfolio’s diversification.

What performance can I expect from alternative investments?

Our chart will give you a range based on your priorities.

Want further insight into how to add true diversifiers to your portfolio?

Our experts can help.


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Alternative investments: strategies that produce returns by taking risk other than equity and bond risk.

Bond: A debt security that shows ownership in a corporation or represents a claim in the corporation assets and earnings.

Correlation: a statistical measure of how two securities move in relation to each other.

Long: Buying an asset such as a stock, commodity or currency, with the expectation that the asset will rise in value.

Short: Buying an asset such as a stock, commodity or currency, with the expectation that the asset will decrease in value.

Stock: A security that shows ownership in a corporation or represents a claim in the corporation assets and earnings.

True diversifiers: investment strategies that have historically provided investors with at least 70% of the return of the traditional 60/40 stocks and bonds portfolios while having less than .30 bear correlation to traditional 60/40 stocks and bonds portfolios.