Alternative investment products addressing the contemporary needs of retail investors.

Longboard Managed Futures Strategy Fund
Longboard Managed Futures Strategy Fund

Longboard’s WAVIX fund seeks to actively protect and grow your wealth by providing investments that are non-correlated with the stock market, include real assets, and actively manage downside risk.

Longboard Alternative Growth Fund
Longboard Alternative Growth Fund

Longboard’s LONGX fund strives to actively protect and grow your wealth by potentially maximizing risk-adjusted returns for equity investments to provide a more opportunistic portfolio than stock index funds.

Why did we choose the name Longboard?

Longboards aren’t for everyone... but of course nothing worthwhile is. But for the surfers that love them, a larger, stable board means a longer, smoother ride.

Advisors are looking for the right balance for your clients.

Adding alternative investments to your clients’ portfolios can help them navigate the waves of the investment marketplace.

Longboard funds share a common set of characteristics...


Our specialist approach to alternatives is designed to give you the potential to make your whole portfolio more durable. While Longboard may comprise only a portion of your investment strategy, our rigorous and disciplined process may help you seek greater returns while managing risk.


You deserve to know how your clients' money is being invested. We’ll provide clear explanations throughout the process, and we can compare our fund’s impact on your portfolio against that of other funds. You will always feel confident answering your clients' questions about our funds.


We safeguard your portfolio, no matter what happens in the market. We stay true to our long-term trend following strategies and up to date on market conditions. Our dedication to our approach helps prevent short-term thinking from marring long-term performance.


We believe the best way to deliver uncorrelated returns is with an uncorrelated approach. Across our managed futures, long/short and other alternative strategies, we thoughtfully question conventional wisdom, evaluate new data and draw our own conclusions.